What We Believe


Our Confession of Faith
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God the Father: He is light and He is always good. He is creator of all.

God the Son: He is the expression of the will of God in a human body.  The divine model and pattern of the sons of God in the earth.

God the Holy Spirit: He has never left us. Christ is our life; in us, as us.

Man’s need for a Savior: Jesus came to restore what was lost - humanity's awareness of their Christ-identity and connection with their original purpose in the earth.

Salvation: His finished work revealed the total redemption and restoration of humanity in body, soul & spirit.

Empowering of Holy Spirit: We believe in the empowering of Holy Spirit and His gifting in order to walk out our Christ-identity in the earth.

Resurrection: He is the resurrection and the life. He was raised to life. Therefore, we are raised to live His life with Him.

The Word: The Bible is the living, breathing word of God and is the greatest love letter ever written.

The Kingdom of God:  It is the reign of righteousness, peace & joy in Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is in us, as us. Therefore, the kingdom of God is within humanity.

Our Mission: To extend the kingdom of God in love; reaching nations, building people and growing families.

The Coming King: He has come. He is here. He is coming; receiving the kingdom that is already established in the hearts of humanity.